Session Information Page


Frequently Asked Questions

What time do we arrive?
Your scheduled time is a load-in slotYour group or act will load in at your assigned time slot.

Do you have in-house instruments for us to use?
We own two different high end drum kits, a Yamaha digital piano, and a Fender Blues Jr. that has been made available by our audio team to be utilized by SoundStage clients.

How do we hear ourselves while performing?
We provide In-Ear monitoring for up to 8 performers per group with up to 4 independent monitor mixes.

What does the $100 include?
$100 is the fee for the edited video of one original song. Audio capture, mixing and mastering for the song is also included. We are able to offer this rate because all staff on site for your video has chosen to donate their labor for one song. To qualify to only pay $100, the performance absolutely must be of an original piece.

Each song is performed until a band or performer is happy with their performance of their selected song. Then, the audio from the preferred performance is  mixed and mastered and used for that song's video.

Additional songs may be performed by an act, but will be subject to a discounted labor cost. The cost is as follows;
$650 for 2 songs performed on the same day.
$1000 for 3 songs performed.
$1300 for 4 songs performed.
$1500 for 5 songs performed.

If an act requests additional songs, they receive digital copies of their performances with UpState branding removed.

Where is the video hosted?
For Sessions, videos are hosted on our Facebook at exclusively for 7 days. 7 days later, they are released on our youtube at

Do bands/acts receive copies of their performance?
For the $100, your video is hosted on our portals exclusively.

However, occasionally artist(s) will request copies of their audio to sell on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc etc. The cost for the delivery of your song is a flat rate of $150 which equates to 3 hours of audio labor.

Further, artist(s) will request copies of their video. The cost to receive a digital copy of your performance is $450 and also includes a delivery of the audio.

All delivered copies are digital. All prices for delivered copies are in addition to the $100 cost for a Session.
Audio copies are 44.1khz .wav files. Video copies are 20-25MB/s 1920x1080px .mp4 files.

May our Session cost be sponsored by another entity?
Absolutely! Several Sessions have been sponsored by both private parties and small businesses.

When is my Session fee due?
All associated fees are due on the day of filming, except for copies requests. Requests for digital copies of either audio or video may be made at any time.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept cash, cards and checks made out to "UpState LLC."

Are there any fees for cancelling or having to reschedule?
Please let us know within 48 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule. If your cancellation is last minute for a reason that is not an emergency (medical, car trouble, family emergency, etc etc) your email address will be billed for half of the Session slot.