Release Information

Congratulations! Your Session has been assigned a release date.
If you have any questions in regards to things like copies, hosting, etc etc, please refer back to the Sessions Info Page

Sharing Guidelines:
For the very most views and shares, every single last step is important: 

1. Try to share it from your official Facebook page within 4 hours of its release on UpState’s Facebook.

2. Do not boost the video. Boosting limits the amount of views a video may receive. Increase views through sharing and sharing only.

3. Share it from your personal page and also message friends and ask them to share the video as well. DO NOT share it to friends' walls. Facebook treats this like spam. 

4. Share it to any groups that may relate to the video. This can be groups based on live local music, based on the brands of the instruments you use; so on and so on.

5. Share it to any event pages for events that may feature you or have featured you in the past.

6. Invite your friends lists to like your music page and then invite your friends list to like UpState's page. These items work very well because Facebook will give feed placement priority to content that has two pages users recently liked and then increases views by usually anywhere from 30 to 70% once completed.


Season 3 Prize Information
Your Session is an official entry into our Season 3 contest.

At the end of Season 3, the Session with the most shares from your Session's correlating Facebook post from our page within 3 weeks of their video launch will be declared winner. What is the grand prize? There are several. The winning band will receive; -a 5 song EP to be tracked, produced, mixed and mastered by us! -A full production music video! -Band branding photographs! -A professional design for the EP cover and physical release art! - And finally, a mystery grand prize even more epic than everything that has been mentioned already and will be announced in the last half of July.